Jewel Tone Affair

A favourite of mine is jewel tones! I can never get enough. Through my sourcing ways I came across a wonderful inspiration for jewel tones, royalty and fashion. Who better to demonstrate how regal jewel tones can be than Kate Middleton, the duchess herself. I am not a die hard fan but love her style and felt she really showed jewel tones and great fashion!



Malachite Galore

From Tony Duquette to Kelly Wearstler there is no shortage of malachite and I can completely understand why. It has always been something I have admired and recently become a reoccurring obsession, something I thought I would share with all of you!


Above is a design from Meredith Heron’s own fabric collection. Which comes in more than malachites typical colours, above are a few of my favourites. This crypton fabric, Hildegard comes in six gorgeous colours! Which can be seen at JF Fabrics

malachite phone case


This beauty can be found at Society6 a luxurious looking tech accessory I might add!

malachite jewelry boxes


Nothing beats malachite with gold hardware to glam it up, from Instyle-decor.

Those are just a few of my favourite malachite items, but I can assure you the list goes on and on and on! Another fave of mine, jewel tones – stay tuned next week for a peek into my top jewel tone picks, where and how to use them!

Wallcovering Bliss

Within the last month the Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics Toronto showroom got a gorgeous update….

Featured is White Marble by Micheal Cina on silver Mylar from Area Environments, Phillip Jeffries; Bloom, Modern Mosaics, and Fade.

Just to name a few of the gorgeous papers!

Have any thoughts or want to see more, leave a comment below.

Something New

As many of you know this is not my first time around blogging, you can find my previous blog at .

This blog will focus on lifestyle, from interior design to dessert and much more. It will be a collection of thoughts and images I see everyday as a designer and in my newest role ( semi new ) as, Marketing and Showroom Coordinator at Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics.

Head Shot

I hope you will all follow along as you have been for years and enjoy all my new simplified content!

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