Coffee Table Love

Over the past year I have taken a bit of break while pursuing some career goals. In this time I have shifted my focus to marketing and what impact my marketing role has on sales. If there are any sales readers or marketers out there reading this you know the connection is undeniable! I have studied away and will continue to educate and develop myself but of course have not forgotten my design roots!

Join me as I post more often about things I love and am passionate about! I hope to be able to inspire you all and develop my communication and writing skills while doing so!

So to begin, Coffee table love!

I must admit I am a bit of a pack rat! I love all beautiful things and often find myself with too many trinkets, alas I admit I love them all and endeavour to find a place for them in my home or someone else’s!

Part of this obsession is with books and magazines, which I find a useful and key styling tool.

I must admit (as seen above), I always keep a stack of design magazines handy and good book!

I tend to mix book sizes for optimal stacking and find the use of colour very important. Below is a great example of using a colour theme for styling, although not always possible dependant on your book collection this adds an element of harmony. 

Image Via

There is certainly no wrong way to stack books on whatever surface you are styling but always keep in mind a few key things;

– an odd number of items always look best together

– use size to create visual harmony to allow your eye to travel from one place to another flawlessly 

– colour can be used to highlight and accent a design 

Most importantly use what you have. It is always refreshing to reorganize your home with things you have to make to make it feel new again!

Liberty xoxo


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