Malachite Galore

From Tony Duquette to Kelly Wearstler there is no shortage of malachite and I can completely understand why. It has always been something I have admired and recently become a reoccurring obsession, something I thought I would share with all of you!


Above is a design from Meredith Heron’s own fabric collection. Which comes in more than malachites typical colours, above are a few of my favourites. This crypton fabric, Hildegard comes in six gorgeous colours! Which can be seen at JF Fabrics

malachite phone case


This beauty can be found at Society6 a luxurious looking tech accessory I might add!

malachite jewelry boxes


Nothing beats malachite with gold hardware to glam it up, from Instyle-decor.

Those are just a few of my favourite malachite items, but I can assure you the list goes on and on and on! Another fave of mine, jewel tones – stay tuned next week for a peek into my top jewel tone picks, where and how to use them!


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